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The Only 5 Things That Matter in Relationships
Written by Denver Griffin  on May 7, 2019


Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation. And that is not to say that those who did not divorce are happy.


It’s safe to say, statistically, that the majority of people in relationships are unhappy.


But after working with many couples in saving their relationships, I can tell you that these grim statistics is not due to a lack of trying...

Why Your Relationship is So Confusing & Tiring
Written by Denver Griffin  on May 1, 2019


I get many emails everyday from people seeking help. 


Most of the time, these emails come as one of two forms:


1) They are complaining about how angry, frustrated or confused they are at something their partner did, and they are asking me why their partner did what...

Why Couples Therapy Fails for Most Couples
Written by Denver Griffin  on May 14, 2019


Does couples therapy work? Well, judge for yourself…


Right now, only 50% of distressed couples will have an improved, and more satisfying marriage for 4+ years after counseling. 


Research estimates find that up to 40% of couples will divorce after going through counseling...

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